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The term Metaverse was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 Sci–Fi classic, Snow Crash. In its present day usage the Metaverse refers to the next iteration of the internet – a convergence of physical and digital worlds where reality is augmented. Make no mistake, we are at a pivotal point in human history. The next few years will see millions of people enter the metaverse, transact in the metaverse, and work in the Metaverse. It will create Trillions of dollars in wealth, and make some people absurdly rich. Technocracy Media aspires to be at the vanguard of Metaverse journalism, covering topics such as Web3 gaming, Metaverse fashion, influencers, and much more. Although we frequently write about projects that appreciate in value, we are not an investment publication, and nothing that we write should be considered financial advice. We are more interested in reporting on projects that are breaking new ground, or solving genuine problems. We will also cover trending projects, to keep you in the loop. The Metaverse is going to redefine what it means to be human – buckle-up, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!


Non Fungible Tokens (or NFT’s) are unique digital assets  that live on a blockchain. They can be images / works or art, certificates of ownership / membership, music, film and much more. Make no mistake, NFT’s are more than just “overpriced JPEG’s”. Well, to be honest most NFT’s are precisely that at this point in time, but the technology behind NFT’shas the potential to permeate the collective conscious and integrate into the wider economy. NFT’s create value – they allow for verifiable digital rights management, the leveraging of communities, and  the expediated raising of capital. Enough of the boring stuff! At Technocracy Media we love NFT’s – they are a bit of an obsession! We love finding and researching authentic projects, and talking with the founders about their vision. We try to find the 1% of NFT’s that will flourish in an over-saturated market place. We try to focus on projects with fully-doxxed teams, and a proven track record. Even so, the NFT projects we feature have no guarantee of succeeding, or appreciating in value – the NFT market is savage! We will be publishing guides on what tools are useful for NFT investment, as well as project and founder profiles. 

Web3 Gaming

Why watch an action movie when you can be the hero in one? Video games have come a long way since Computer Space and Pong – they form part of a huge industry worth more than Hollywood and the music industry combined. Whether it is Roblox (43 million daily active users), Minecraft ($380 million in revenue in 2021), or Fortnite (400 million registered players), gaming has proven itself to be the current leader in the entertainment sector. As immersive experiences and the adoption of AR and VR technologies accelerate, gamification will become a big part of the Metaverse. Technocracy Media sees gaming as an investment opportunity as well as legitimate sport and recreational activity. Web3 Gaming, where players hold a legitimate stake in the game and own the assets they purchase, is going to become the new model. Web3 gaming analytics will become increasingly valuable, which is why this is one of our major focuses. We seek to identify Web3 Gaming companies with marketable and addictive products, before they hit the mainstream. 



Fashion feeds off the innate human desire for self-expression. It’s not surprising that the major fashion houses are already building a presence in the Metaverse – they have to stay relevant or die. Metaverse & digital fashion comes in a variety of forms, from virtual clothes and accessories that can be used in virtual environments, to digital twins of  physical creations. Augmented reality clothing is another area of growth, with companies such as DRESSX and XR Couture leading the way. Nike is another first mover in the space with its Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks, a collaboration with RTFKT. In a world where everyone spends more time online and in virtual worlds (playing games), it makes sense that digital identity and avatar fashion will become big business. Imagine making a digital garment that is infinitely scalable and has very few overheads? Imagine getting paid every time that garment changed hands. You can see the appeal – it’s a license to print money, and the fashionistas want in! Technocracy Media loves shiny objects and creativity. We will be uncovering some of the rising stars of Web3 fashion, and writing about leading NFT fashion projects.

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