MetaViu, An Advertising Marketplace for Metaverses

The Metaverse has long been identified as a potential disrupter of traditional advertising. The past year has seen major brands such as Nike, Adidas and Gucci launch web3 products and partnerships that have cemented their presence in the metaverse. Such enterprise, however, is no easy feat. The sizable investments and complex onboarding processes required to launch a metaverse advertising campaign have left many companies, particularly smaller ones, unable to participate. Metaviu is changing this. 

They are the first and the largest advertising marketplace for metaverses and have built a standardized platform that allows brands to easily identify advertising opportunities and connect with partners within the space.    

Hyatt Hotels advertising in the Metaverse using MetaViu Billboards

Their central product is virtual billboards erected across leading metaverses including Decentraland, The Sandbox, and NeosVR. Through a partnership with Zesty Market, they also provide brands with the opportunity to run ads in more than 40 VR games.

Defining themselves as a go-to partner for traditional businesses entering the web3 space, Metaviu has worked with clients including the United Nations Women’s Organisation, Remy Martin and Hyatt Hotels Corporation. 

Several of their campaigns have been historical firsts that have pushed the current boundaries of metaverse advertising. In August, they partnered with January Walker, a US Congressional Candidate for Utah’s 4th District, to launch the world’s first political campaign in the metaverse.

Their genesis tale is a testament to the increasing demands for web3 advertising. Founder, Nodo Ivanidze has a background in traditional advertising and is the founder of WiFisher.

“We worked with many international brands through our “real life” business; they would later approach us asking if we could help with advertising in the metaverse. That’s where the idea of MetaViu came from,” he says.

“We are servicing companies on a case-by-case basis, providing organic campaign planning and promotional support for companies. In October, however, our fully automated platform will be launched, and brands will be able to run campaigns through our website directly into the metaverse of their choice.”

With mass adoption as their ultimate goal, MetaViu has partnered with multinational digital advertising groups including The Keenfolks and Paradox Group to help as many clients as possible make the foray into the metaverse. 

United Nations Women’s Organisation partner with MetaViu

As well as onboarding traditional web2 companies, MetaViu is boosting the sector by encouraging collaboration amongst web3 advertising stakeholders. They offer them access to the platform with an 85% revenue share. Turning potential competitors into partners is an important part of the Metaviu philosophy, says Nodo, who believes that cooperation is essential to the formation of a sustainable metaverse advertising market.

They regularly partner with metaverse event companies. Their latest event FuckUp Nights hosted 190+ international users and was the 4th biggest Decentraland event for that day.


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