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MetaViu: A Brave New World of Metaverse Advertising (2022)

Metaverse Digital Marketing

At the moment, one of the big questions marketers are asking is, “how will marketing work in the Metaverse?”. Will we follow the current models, controlled by  by the likes of Google and Facebook, or will there be a fairer system of opt-in data sharing, that rewards users for their participation? Will Ad Exchanges become de-centralized, and if so, what Blockchain will be able to provide the speed and scalability necessary to handle the data? 

Will Influencers Rule the Metaverse?

Metaverse influencers will undoubtedly become a valuable advertising asset in the Metaverse. Verification will be incredibly simple, as will tracking engagement and other data. To begin with, the space will likely be dominated by real-world celebrities and influencers, but with time more metaverse native influencers will emerge. As technology improves, it’s also likely that AI avatars will be deployed by advertisers. 

In-Game Advertising

Gaming has eclipsed film and music as the world’s favorite form of entertainment. The Metaverse is being built using gaming engines, and Web3 Gaming is one of the biggest areas of investment in the crypto space. In-game advertising will likely become the most popular method of advertising in the Metaverse, especially for digital assets.

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