“The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.”

David Bowie

Bowie on the Blockchain NFT Series

David Bowie was icon whose identity transcended time and space. His influence on the many musicians and bands that followed is undeniable. A patron of the arts throughout his life, Bowie was well known for supporting up-and-coming artists through his virtual gallery at www.bowieart.com. But I digress, what is Bowie on the Blockchain?

Bowie on the Blockchain is being launched by the Bowie Estate, in partnership with NFT marketplace, OpenSea, and the Web3 outfit, We Love the Arts. It was originally meant to mint on 13th September 2022, but out of respect for HM Queen Elizabeth II, the mint has been postponed.

Taken from @davidbowiereal Twitter

What can we expect from Bowie on the Blockchain?

The collection is a tribute to David Bowie by a group of nine leading artists, with all sales going to the humanitarian organisation, Care.

“David Bowie is an icon and a trailblazer in every way, and we’re honored to partner with his team to bring his legacy into web3,”… “This incredible collection brings together some of the most groundbreaking NFT artists with Bowie artifacts to bring a new generation of fans together in web3.”

Ryan Foutty, VP of Business Development at OpenSea

“David Bowie’s artistry has had an indescribable impact on my life. I’m truly honored to have had the privilege of guiding this project”…“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with the Bowie Estate as well as this group of artists, all of whom I have immense respect for. I hope that this collection we have created simultaneously serves to record the ethos of Bowie On The Blockchain, as well as spotlight a wildly talented group of artists and an exciting new space for the arts”.

Andrew Keller, Co-Founder of We Love The Arts

Bowie on the Blockchain Artists

● Defaced


● Glam Beckett


● Jonathan Wolfe

● Lirona

● Nadya Tolokonnikova of PussyRiot

● Osinachi

● Young & Sick


CARE was founded in 1945, in the wake of World War 2. The organization was originally focused on providing ration packages to Europe (the original CARE package), but since then the organization has evolved, and now works in more than 100 countries. Care focuses on alleviating poverty, and promoting equal rights. David Bowie’s long-term partner and widow, Iman, was made CARE’s first ever global advocate in 2019.

The Bowie Estate

At the time of Bowie’s death, his estate was value at an estimated $230 million. This valuation was based on a valuation of his music back catalogue at $100 million. Since then, however, his music rights were purchased by Warner Chappel Music for more than $250 million. The Bowie estate is currently managed by a team of trustees, who are responsible for distributing the money according to Bowie’s wishes. These include his widow, Iman, as well as his two children, Duncan and Lexi. The late singer’s will stipulated that the money be used to support his family and charitable causes.

When is the David Bowie NFT mint?

David Bowie NFT

Since the mint was postponed, no date has been released by the team. As long term fans and supporters of Bowie, we will be keeping a close eye on announcements, and updating this post with new information, as and when it becomes available. We recommend you also follow the official David Bowie twitter account, as well as OpenSea, for up-to-the-minute announcements. There is little information about when to expect in terms of art, or the mint price. All I can say is that it will be going to a great cause, and the funds raised will help finance the humanitarian work of CARE.

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