A virtual company, located worldwide, Madista Mundus, is soon launching a Super App that will work both as an e-commerce platform (Web 2.0), a digital marketplace (Web 3.0) and a social network for fashion and art lovers – Futugo App. 

Shop only for luxury high-end fashion brands, digital clothing, fine art, cosmetics & beauty products, and NFT art. It is a modern marketplace for luxury physical goods and NFT art & fashion assets, built by using blockchain solutions for product authentication, traceability, and sustainable shopping.

The Futugo app will feature an e-commerce platform for physical goods, a fully-fledged social network, 3D stores, live events, digital NFT fashion and art items, exclusive offers, and personal assistants to guide users through the multifaceted digital fashion paradise. 

Users will easily be able to connect with stylists, shoppers, and art agents who will personally consult them to make the shopping experience completely tailored to one’s needs. Beyond that, Futugo will provide a space to interact, discuss forthcoming trends, check on the latest fashion news, and bond with fashion lovers from all around the world.


The project aims to transform how people consume fine art and luxury fashion going forward into the tech revolution of web 3.0. It aspires to establish the new standard of purchasing luxury items, digital NFT art, and experiencing fashion events in the metaverse. The multifunctional platform will provide a trustworthy ecosystem where retailers, fashion experts, and enthusiasts can come together to enjoy the best of what the luxury fashion, digital art, and beauty industry has to offer.

Sustainable shopping & NFT Digital pass

Fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and our mission and focus is to contribute to decreasing it as much as we can. 

Main blockchain usage comes from the need to improve the second-life market, which will also be available on the platform.

Futugo App creates a sustainable luxury shopping method by using NFT digital pass, that improves second-market performance and eliminates all possible human errors that might occur in the luxury items verification process.

Using Futugo, a buyer can purchase 100% authentic items from luxury fashion brands, fine art and together with the purchase buyer will receive NFT digital pass certificate for each item. In this way, we support the second-life market performance by using digital passes to prove the item’s authentication and traceability.

All our items are registered on blockchain, which offers a sustainable way to improve the traceability of luxury items.

Ensurance of authentic items

We are in contact and work only with verified fashion boutiques and art galleries in Europe and Japan. All of the items that they are selling are gathered directly from the brands and art creators.
When it comes to shipping the products we are using a method of “shipping straight from the boutique”, guaranteeing that our users receive only original and authentic items. 

Futugo Fashion Spaces

Every Tuesday/Wednesday, since the month of September, we have been hosting weekly Fashion Twitter Spaces in which we bring together fashion and digital fashion projects to discuss hot topics of the industry.
These have become something that fashion lovers look up to tune in to weekly, just like the speakers joining us, who have grown into a little fashion loving family.

We have already covered:
· Fashion & technology — listen to recording HERE;
· Future of vintage fashion — listen to recording HERE;
· Body neutrality — true diversity — listen to recording HERE;
· Women designers in digital and physical fashion — listen to recording HERE.
· Behind Fashion: fashion trend forecasting — listen to recording HERE.

Up next:

Spring 2023 Trends – Review (Oct. 19th).

We are happy to be joined by projects like: The Fabricant, Eyes of Fashion, Meta Factory, Fierce Studios, XR Couture, The Dematerialised, Uniqly, Well Dressed Society, Clubhouse Archives, Honey and many others.

Futugo Meta Icons

Futugo Meta Icons are 10 050 unique characters which were created inspired by 50 legendary fashion designers, who dictate the rules of fashion.
The most remarkable fashion icons of all times are too good to have only one mission here, so we gave them three: dictate their rules of fashion in the Metaverse, while protecting its’ residents from losing their taste and style, help to unify luxury fashion and art community into the biggest social network ever existed, here on planet Earth, and finally, fight for sustainability in fashion and peace in both: physical and digital worlds.

Perks of ownership

· Unique piece of art inspired by your favorite fashion designer

· Integrated Chainlink solutions

· Exclusive presale access to all future Futugo NFT collections

· Exclusive access to unique NFT art pieces made in collaboration with emerging artists

· VIP access to the Metaverse fashion shows

· VIP access to new collections of NFT art & Fashion

· Complimentary consultations using Futugo app with professional stylists, personal shoppers & art agents

· Styling and design masterclasses with professional personal stylists and designers from Europe in the Metaverse

· Bonus for staking Futugo Designers NFTs

· 50% NFT price backed loans

Futugo App release

The team is currently finalizing the V1 version of the App, which will be up and running in November, 2022.

The whole journey has been leading up to this and we are extremely happy and excited to share this very first version of the platform with you and receive your feedback, so that we can continue to polish and refine the final product even more.

· Release of the V1 Web2: October — November 2022;

· Release of the V1 Web3: December — January 2022/2023;

· Personal Stylist services: January — February 2023;

· Personal Shopper services: March — April 2023;

· Fashion Feed: May — June 2023.

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