12 lunar signs, 12 constellations, 5 elements – all ready to join the Blockchain.

“Lunar is an NFT collection created by the OpenDAO, consisting of 20k uniquely generated tokens. Lunar’s art has been created by one of the most renowned artists in the 3D space, Zigor, who has worked alongside brands such as Nifty Gateway, Nickelodeon, Wired and Prada.”

Lunar Team

What’s Lunar NFT all about?

What does it mean to know yourself? How do you find the people you call friends? partners? Which people will be friend or enemies? Who will you marry? will you be successful in life?

Throughout history almost all cultures have utilized a mixture of time, lunar periods, animals, and the stars they could see in the night sky to answer these questions.

Whether its the Chinese animal zodiac with its story of the Jade Emperors race, the Western astrological zodiac or the Hindu Vedic calendar, all believe that the person you are or will become, is defined from the day that you are born.

The Lunar NFT exists to help you understand who you are, and in doing so also to help you answer those questions of who would naturally be your friends, partners in life, who to seek help from and who to avoid. The project aims to give every community member the tools they need to seek out their squad. Rats can seek out bulls while Sheep, Monkeys and Roosters will be excellent teammates and Dragons are content to be helpful to all.

Join us on this voyage of enlightenment finding friends, sharing stories and discovering unexpected connections with others.

? Who are the Lunar Emperors?

Mick has worked as a tokenomics expert in a European crypto firm, with history advising many NFT projects as well as leading 721Starter for The OpenDAO.

Dyno is a fund manager and crypto veteran since 2016. He’s also a co-founder of The OpenDAO and 721Starter. In his own words: “One of my lifetime goals is to onboard 1 billion people into the Web3 space before I die.”

9x9x9, or HGE.SOL, is an immensely respected name within the Web3 space and the creator of The OpenDAO, with a long history and vast connections in crypto.

? Mint details?

Mint details for Lunar NFT have not yet been revealed. The Lunar mint will not be a stealth mint and will be announced well in advance.


OpenDAO is a de-centralized autonomous organization that emerged in 2021. It made headlines last year by distributing millions of $SOS tokens to users of OpenSea, the leading NFT trading platform. The original aim of the DAO and $SOS token was “to pay tribute, to protect, to promote” the NFT community. A more up-to-date roadmap is pictured above.  

The founders of OpenDAO are unknown, and most of the core contributors have anonymous Twitter accounts. At the time of writing, and according to CoinGecko, the OpenDAO marketcap is $10,471,554, with a trading volume of $2,379,592 for the $SOS token. The price of the token is down 97.6% from all time highs.

What Value & Utility will Lunar NFT’s offer?

According to Lunar’s Discord, the collection will have utility based on traits. They also stressed, “Don’t worry… there is MUCH more coming…(this will be kept updated)“. As you can see below, there are three super-rare traits, which would offer holders genuine utility:


All holders of the CryptoPunk trait will acquire a free, non-exclusive license/permission. We have secured the use of 59 CryptoPunks to make this vision a reality – this means, there will be 59 Lunar NFTs with licensing rights to a Punk.


All holders of the Karafuru trait will be able to claim items of Karafuru merchandise! There will be 150 Lunar NFTs with the Furu trait.


50 holders with the AO trait will be able to claim exclusive merchandise, premium experiences, clinics with tennis legends and NFT perks!


The Lunar NFT collection by OpenDAO will likely be a popular mint, even in the current bear market. The Discord is active, and although not doxxed, the team is credible and respected in the NFT and crypto space. As with everything, please do your own research and follow best online security practices.

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