MoonHead Zoomers is an 5000 piece NFT project by TxStreet. The MoonHeads are 3D, with the potential to be fully rigged to use in the Metaverse in the future. There are over 150 unique traits from 10 trait types. There will also be 10 custom made heroes which which will be extremely rare. In addition, Zoomers will have 3 numeric stats (Chattiness, Speed, Magic). The values of these stats depend on the MoonHead’s clan and some randomness. These stats will be used for elements of TxStreet such as placing ads, voting and more TBA

“The current supply is 2148 and later in 2022, every ZooMer holder will be able to claim another for free! Own 1 ZooMer, claim 1 ZooMer! Own 2 ZooMers, claim 2 ZooMers!” 

Zoomer Benefits:


MoonHead Zoomers holders are able to place advertisements on the popular TxStreet website, as well as vote on TxStreet’s decisions (for example, which layer 2 rollup should be added). By holding multiple MoonHead Zoomers you will have more voting power for decisions behind TxStreet. Multiple MoonHeads will also come in handy in a future secret project outside of TxStreet.

Premium Analytics:

MoonHead Zoomers holders will be able to authenticate by signing a message with MetaMask to get access to private stats and analytics. The team are focusing on mempool insights to give holders alpha before anyone else, the second it happens. For example, some insights might be irregular activity on low cap coins, large buys on NFT projects, future prices of tokens if all pending trades confirm. This will technically use TxStreet’s API, but they will not be providing API keys besides the ones you get from signing the message.

Comic Book:

The first issue of the comic by @threepanelcrimes will be available in PDF format for anyone to download for free. The team feels this is the best way to reach a wide audience as the message of the comic is intended to. The team are still trying to figure out the best way to distribute the comic as NFTs to MoonHead Zoomers holders, but most likely it will be claimable with the cover as the NFT image, and the PDF in the metadata on IPFS. 

MoonHead Zoomer DAO

The long term plan is for TxStreet to transition to a DAO, where the only aspect the team control is hosting the main domain and anyone can run their own instance.

MoonHead Zoomers Team

The team behind MoonHead Zoomers comprises crypto OG’s, artists, and developers:

tomx.eth (Founder & CEO)

Gluck (Team of NFT artists)

Dezmou (Dev)

threepanelcrimes.eth (Founder of Three Panel Comics)

rudrabhoj.eth (Game Developer)

Super Synapse (Advisor)

A Brief History of TxStreet & MoonHeads

Tomx.eth was inspired to create TxStreet during the “scaling debate” which was a time when blockchain scaling solutions was a hot topic between most people in the space. The two main blockchains in the debate were BTC and BCH. Tom thought it would be very helpful for people to visualize the differences to make up their mind, especially for people who aren’t that technical. Basically it was a passion project and is now evolving as we add more blockchains! Back in 2020, MoonHeads started as a way for people to support TxStreet, which was a lot more fun than accepting donations.

TxStreet’s primary goal since 2018 has been to educate as many people as possible about blockchains and Web3. They achieve this by making the complex technical aspects of blockchains more understandable for the average person. TxStreet build tools that are especially useful for visual learners, such as their bus stop mempool visualization. In the future, they plan to build even more interactive tools to teach about topics like security, de-centralization, and self-custody.

Secondary to educating newcomers, TxStreet provides statistics and analytics for more advanced users. Check out their gas price simulator – as well as the NFT stats, and trending contracts.

What is the TxStreet Visualizer?

Launch the ETH Visualizer here –

In real time, a person appears and tries to get on a bus as soon as a new transaction is broadcasted. They will board the first bus and be prepared to be included in the following mined block if the transaction has a high enough fee. If there are too many transactions waiting to be included in the next block and the transaction didn’t pay enough money, they’ll wait in line or take another route. The mobility speed of a person represents how much higher their fee was compared to the current median fee. A person’s size reflects the size of their transaction in bytes or gas.

Why do the people change buses?

 When there is not enough space in a bus for all transactions that can fit into a block, the higher fees can replace the lower fees. Then the lowest fee will move down to the next bus/block. Since these are unconfirmed transactions, nothing is final until the miner mines the transaction and the bus/block leaves for the blockchain.

Why do people line up on the street?

 When there are not enough transactions to fill a new bus at the end of the bus line, the leftover transactions will congregate on the street. This is not necessarily a sign of high congestion in the mempool. To see that, you can look at the fees on the bus, and the amount of people behind the “low fee line” sign.

MoonHead Zoomers NFT Roadmap

Q2 2022

Add Moonhead Zoomers to TxStreet ads functionality.

MoonHeads voting initiated and start voting on new proposals.

Arbitrum added to TxStreet.

“MoonHeads Multiverse” comic book issue #1 release and airdrop to MoonHeads

Q3 2022

Prepare for merge.

3D Models released for all MoonHead Zoomers.

Premium analytics for MoonHead holders.

New contract to wrap old MoonHeads in ERC-721

Q3 2022

Reveal our secret ambitious project and prepare for beta release in 2023.

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